Mladen Stilinović
The Praise of Laziness
16 November – 21 December 2014

Press Release


Park View is pleased to announce a solo presentation with the Zagreb-based artist Mladen Stilinović (born 1947 in Belgrade, Serbia), which will open Sunday, November 16 and run through December 21 at 836 South Park View Street, Unit 8, in Los Angeles. Stilinović is a leading figure among the New Art Practice artists in Croatia, and he is inarguably one of the most influential conceptual artists working there today.

Since the late 1960s, Stilinović has humorously and subversively appraised what he calls “the language of politics” through visual art works, films, actions, texts, installation, and books.  Stilinović has always taken an active approach against the markers of ideological power (bureaucracy, specialized language, ritualized behavior), positioning himself as an artistic corrective throughout all epochs of recent history he has lived (Yugoslavian socialism, capitalism’s influx into the eastern parts of Europe in the 1990s, neoliberal globalism today).  Utilizing mundane materials and small gestures, his tactics consistently engage everyday aspects of life, from food, labor, and language, to time and money.  By slyly weaving into and undermining those political markers with seemingly minor acts, he challenges the ways in which the status quo is established and maintained on all levels of society.  

His artistic excursions also extend into considerations of the figure of the artist, seen as firmly embedded within the overall global political structure.  The production of cultural meaning, and of value, takes on a number of associations in the two works on view here: The Praise of Laziness, from 1993, and Krumpira Krumpira (Potatoes, Potatoes), from 2001.  The former maintains that there is no art without laziness, utilizing Malevich and Duchamp as key examples, while the latter pictures the artist selling cakes - a substitute for the standard plebeian foodstuff, bread - in the middle of a deserted, snowy forest landscape.  

Mladen Stilinović (born 1947 in Belgrade, Serbia) lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. He was a member of the Group of Six Artists (1975–79) and also ran the PM Gallery in Zagreb from 1982–91. His works include collages, photographs, artist books, texts, paintings, installations, actions, films, and video. Since the 1970s Stilinović has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows worldwide. Recent exhibitions include: 2013 Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; Ostalgia, New Museum, New York (2011); Documenta 12 (2007); and the 50th Venice Biennale (2003).  In 2011 he had a retrospective at Ludwig Museum, Budapest. His work is held in the collections of the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the Museum of Modern Art (New York), and he has been the subject of several publications and catalogues.  In 2015 he will have a solo exhibition at MUAC, Mexico City.

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